Oct 2014 In 2014, BURNSWEST invests over $400,000 in Jim Graham and Southbank Park

BURNSWEST is committed to conservation. In order to aid in the rehabilitation of the provincial wildlife and bird sanctuary located at Jim Graham Park, BURNSWEST has created the adjacent Southbank Park on its Southbank Business District lands in Okotoks and has spent $419,000 on upgrades and rehabilitation in both parks. In addition to improvements made to protect this natural habitat, unobtrusive features were added to enable greater enjoyment of the area by nature enthusiasts. These enhancements include the construction of a lookout to view local wildlife and nearby picnic table and seating.

BURNSWEST park enhancement investments are in addition to over $2,000,000 spent on construction of the storm pond system located within Southbank Business District. The storm pond is designed to feed local vegetation in the parks and protect nearby development from rapid rainfall flood risk. The parks and the pond will ultimately be connected to Okotoks’ regional pathway system via paths running the length of Southbank Business District along Sheep River thus providing easy, scenic access to additional park space and wetlands for local residents to enjoy.