May 2013 Burns Family Has a Strong Connection with Southern Alberta,

In 1912 J. F. Burns started his own business in booming Calgary, a town of 47,000. Though he did some excavating and house moving, concrete work was his mainstay and thus, 100 years later BURNCO celebrated its 100th anniversary.

His son, J. F. Burns II, and his wife, Pearl, fell in love with the area just south of the city of Calgary, and lived near De Winton for most of their lives. Burns II passed away in 2003, and his wife Pearl in 2005. They were buried at Pine Creek Cemetery on the land they loved so much south of the city.

Today BURNSWEST, the related property development and management company run by Burns’ great-grandson, is actively developing nearby Southbank Business District in Okotoks on land previous used in Burnco operations.

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