Axia FibreNet Will Provide Southbank Occupants with Dedicated Fibre to the Premise

Jul 2016 Axia FibreNet Will Provide Southbank Occupants with Dedicated Fibre to the Premise

Axia FibreNet and BURNSWEST have partnered to provide Southbank occupants with world-class fibre optic connection to every lot in Southbank.  This is an important differentiator for any organization that considers cloud computing or high-speed Internet access to be important to their business success, but a critical missing component in many commercial spaces today.

By installing Axia’s fibre optic connections to every lot in Southbank, BURNSWEST is enabling Southbank future occupants to access high quality, next generation broadband access and superior download and upload speeds.  This is especially critical to high-tech companies and data centres, but increasingly, it’s a necessity for almost all businesses.  Given the long-term nature of business location choices, it is an important consideration for all organizations to keep in mind when assessing new locations.

In their 2016 report “Plug in to Peak Productivity, Why Fibre Optics Should be a Critical Factor in Choosing Office Space” Colliers International’s puts it this way: “When selecting an office location, companies are increasingly requesting efficient telecommunication infrastructure–specifically fibre optic internet. Internet connectivity is the foundation of numerous day-to-day applications such as video conferencing, cloud computing and big data analytics. As many firms move towards using these applications, their bandwidth requirements intensify, underscoring the importance of internet connectivity for workplace productivity.”  Moreover Collier’s report compares fibre optic performance to that of traditional infrastructure and finds: “Fibre optic internet is the most efficient telecommunication infrastructure available today. Fibre optic internet provides faster upload and download speeds, along with superior connectivity when compared to traditional fixed-line copper broadband.”

For organizations looking for superior connectivity directly from their premise, Southbank Business District warrants consideration.