Southbank Business
District Vision

Southbank Business District, located in Okotoks Alberta, takes a place of pride in our BURNSWEST development portfolio. Designed to reflect our premium “Smart space, Outstanding place” claim, we are investing in quality design elements and amenities to create a business district that we can all be very proud of for decades to come.

Many diverse development options are permitted or negotiable on our light commercial/industrial (I-1S) and highway commercial (C-Hwy) lots. As Southbank develops, we envision a vibrant collection of occupants such as educational and recreational facilities, office space, industrial services and trades facilities, automotive services, medical facilities, pet care and restaurants as part of our community-connected Southbank Business District. For more information please see our Available Lots page.


Price Advantage

Experience Advantage

The Southbank Business District  price advantage is our light industrial lot pricing at limited time introductory rates of $499,000 per acre.

Our experience advantage is our fibre-optic internet, close proximity to plentiful amenities and businesses such as the new Costco, Starbucks, Tim Hortons and McDonald’s and the experience of adjacent Southbank Park and scenic Sheep River Valley where employees can relax, stroll along pathways or enjoy a lunch in the park.

Located only 15 minutes from Calgary in the welcoming community of Okotoks, Alberta, Southbank Business District is a place to invest and establish long-term roots where you and your employees can feel truly comfortable and productive. 

Our Vision

Our family has been involved in building Alberta’s business base for over 100 years. We are here for the long haul. You can trust us to deliver on our promises of quality and careful attention to meeting your needs—here in Southbank and our other developments.

We look forward to building an enduring business partnership with you and your organization.


BURNSWEST invests in, develops, leases and manages quality real estate holdings. We develop office, retail and industrial properties, paying close attention to customer and user needs.

Currently we are developing in Okotoks and Cochrane.